1 Nephi 11

Location: the wilderness

People: Nephi

Important events & details:

  • Nephi desires to see and know the things his father prophesied about in chapter 10 (concerning the coming of Christ to the earth) so he ponders them and is caught up in the Spirit. The Spirit asks Nephi what he wants to know and if he believes the words of his father and Nephi says, “Yea, thou knowest I believe all the words of my father” (1 Nephi 11:5).
  • The Spirit then shows Nephi the same things that were shown to Lehi. Nephi see the virgin Mary and Christ’s birth. He also sees the iron rod again, and sees that it is the word of God; the tree of life, and that it is the love of God. He also sees Christ be baptized, and the Holy Ghost come down in the form of a dove. He sees the twelve apostles and Christ healing the sick and afflicted. Then Nephi sees Christ crucified. After Christ’s death Nephi sees the great and spacious building, that is the pride of the world, and it’s fall.

Favorite verses:

6 … And blessed art thou, Nephi, because thou believest in the Son of the most high God; wherefore, thou shalt behold the things which thou hast desired.

17 And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.

22 … it is the love of God, which sheddeth itself abroad in the hearts of the children of men; wherefore, it is the most desirable above all things. [speaking of the tree]

33 And I, Nephi, saw that he was lifted up upon the cross and slain for the sins of the world.


  • Steps to personal revelation:
    • Desire
    • Belief
    • Study & ponder
    • Be ready for what the Lord has to say, and receive it with an open heart
  • God knows us individually, He knows our hopes & desires, He knows our names. He knows my name.
  • It’s ok that we don’t have all the answers, sometimes it’s enough just to know that God love us and we can trust Him. His plan will always be enough and He will never leave us.
  • God’s love is there whether we follow His word or not, His love is eternal. However, we are only about the fully feel His love and really partake of it when we are following His word. His love is the most desirable thing because it is through His love that we are made clean, and through His love that we can do all things.


  • Am I living my life in a way that I can fully partake in God’s love for me? Is knowing Christ and my Heavenly Father my greatest desire?

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